Cybersecurity and the Rapid Expansion of the AI Industry

Nvidia (an artificial intelligence chip manufacturer) has become the most valuable company in the world, surpassing Apple and Microsoft. They dominate the market in AI chips, especially those needed to train and run AI software such as ChatGPT. The acceleration of Nvidia over the past year has some experts anticipating that this is just the […]

Press Release

Press Release: Perpetual Storage and Scantek Join Forces

Perpetual Storage and Scantek Join Forces  The right team makes all the difference! Perpetual Storage has joined forces with Scantek, the industry leader in electronic document management.  Companies have been backing up data files for years but have often ignored their valuable paper files. With more companies having their employees work remotely, it has become […]

A Cybersecurity Concept Illustration; A Key Formed from Binary C

Guest Post: Last Mile Communications: Ownership and Security with Lochbox

Last Mile Communications: Ownership and Security with Lochbox INTRODUCTION In 2017, the US Department of Homeland Security issued a security report (DHS, 2017, p. 53) strongly discouraging the use of provably-open mobile calls and SMS text messages while declaring the use of landlines as no more secure. Convenience and complacency are the two main factors […]

Air Gap Solutions

Managing Air-Gapped Backups By James Speed | Perpetual Storage, Inc. Sales Manager Air-gapped technologies often rank among the most affordable and effective backup solutions available to organizations. Using air-gapped storage solutions can introduce some challenges and organizations need to identify and use backup solutions that secure user logins and can manage different air-gapped technologies. 5 […]