Protecting History for Every Generation

Family GoBox

The Family GoBox program preserves your most valuable family treasures and memories in a military-grade, airline-approved box. The GoBox is stored at Perpetual Storage inside a solid granite mountain in a climate-controlled, maximum-security vault protected from earthquake, flood, fire and other natural disasters. The program ensures 24/7/365 availability with more space and lower costs than a safety deposit box. You can request courier or mail-delivery services to have your box picked up and delivered right to your door. No other storage vault protects your precious items more securely and safely than the one protecting your Family GoBox.


• Genealogical Records
• Marriage Certificates
• Birth Certificates
• Death Certificates
• Military Medals
• Photos
• Family Heirlooms
• Wills, Trusts, Deeds
• Awards
• Original Signed Documents

• Holy Books
• Baptismal Certificates
• Insurance
• Legal Documents
• Financial Documents
• Burial Instructions
• Estate Planning Documents
• Citizenship Papers
• Naturalization Papers


Storage units are not always ideal for protecting your most treasured family memories and valuables. Our security vault provides the protection you need from:

  • Temperature & Humidity Fluctuations
  • Loss due to Data Degradation
  • Theft
  • Natural Disasters

Get all of this and more when you store your Family GoBox in Perpetual Storage’s maximum security vault.

Stored At Our Secure Vault

Perpetual Storage, Inc. is a unique off-site maximum security storage facility located inside a solid granite mountain.

Unmatched in security, it was built to exceed stringent U.S. Department of Defense requirements for the protection of critical records.

It can withstand any natural or man-made disaster and is protected by 200 feet of solid granite, armed guards and the most sophisticated security surveillance equipment.

It is one of the safest facilities of its kind in the world.

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