Isolated Data Tier™ (IDT)

Built for Security, Compliance & Affordability

Protect Your Cloud Data by Letting Us Take it Offline

Veeam® Cloud Connect Provider

Perpetual Storage's enhanced data protection service is capable of placing backups of critical corporate data into a physically offline, airgapped state. This Veeam-powered solution uses encrypted network-based transport to rapidly send constantly changing business data from your data centers to our offsite/offline storage repository, retaining those copies based on data policies you choose.

What are Isolated Data Tier (IDT)'s use cases?

Offline offsite backup  meeting the “1+” objective of the 3-2-1+ data protection rule.

Insider threat protection – keeping a copy of critical company data outside the reach of even maximum-privileged administrators.

Long-term data archive – storage of cold data can be removed from primary storage systems, retention lengths available over 25 years.

Compliance data storage – meeting regulatory or legal data holds to reduce litigation exposure over data loss or broken standards.

What makes Isolated Data Tier (IDT) unique?

1. Rapid restore unavailable in other offsite or public cloud storage services, including escalated restore services to deliver large data sets on physical storage devices directly to your business.

2. Physically airgapped backup: do not settle for software-based mechanisms that cannot truly eliminate risk. Ensures total protection against both malicious cyber attacks and rogue administrators / insider threats through misuse of privileged credentials.

3. Fully managed service requiring no time investment from client staff – removes ongoing administrative burdens and infrastructure ownership costs. Automatic, policy-driven data life-cycle takes over from manual backup tracking processes.

4. Ability to rapidly send most recent backup data offline and protected without waiting days or weeks, including customizable scheduling of restore point selection and retention length.

5. Pricing without hidden costs – no fees for data access or price spikes for retrieving data.

6. Data is kept in a uniquely protected physical location: underground, within a geologically stable rock formation, protected from both natural and man-made disasters.

7. Our cost reducing archive solution is capable of keeping data on inexpensive media for years or decades until needed for retrieval, no longer consuming primary storage resources. Data is protected from changes meeting compliance requirements for immutable backups.


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