The high cost of doing nothing!

Clearing the Air Around Ransomware

A message from Perpetual Storage’s CIO, J.R. Maycock, about practical ideas to protect your business operations from the predominant cybersecurity threat. Ransomware attacks are continuing to evolve into an ever more potent threat requiring proactive attention from business leaders.  In 2020 extremely few businesses can truthfully declare their market value to exist in only physical, […]

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Offsite storage benefits – Part 2

In part 2 of the VLCM podcast “Offsite storage benefits” you will learn the difference between replication and back up and the importance of offsite storage. Join JR Maycock (CIO – Perpetual Storage, Inc.) and Dan Schulyer (VLCM) as they discuss these very important topics. Episode 100: Offsite storage benefits – Part 2  


Off-Site data storage can save you time, money, embarrassment and the risk of a lawsuit

Off-site data storage of backup and archival records with a maximum security facility like Perpetual Storage can help protect your company from an unwanted lawsuit, reputation damage and significant financial loss. What would be the cost to your organization in time, money and embarrassment to reconstruct data (provided it could be reconstructed) if one of the following […]