PRESS RELEASE: DataVaulting Now At PSI

New Incomparable Service Will Change The Way You Manage Vital Data DataVaulting is launched at Perpetual Storage, Inc. Sandy, UT: Perpetual Storage, Inc. (PSI), a maximum security, off-site data storage vault facility located inside a granite mountain, announced a new service today: DataVaulting. With DataVaulting clients can send back-up, disaster recovery (DR) and archival data to […]


Why You Need the Right Data in the Right Place: The Importance Of Utilizing Tape In Tiered Storage

Why Tiered Storage Data is Growing Exponentially According To The Fifth Annual IDC Digital Universe study, the amount of information created and replicated in 2011 surpassed 1.8 zettabytes (1.8 trillion gigabytes). Most of this data is unstructured, accounting for 90% of the digital universe. The best way to manage massively growing data is with a hierarchical […]