How to achieve “secure online backup” with Granite Cloud 

By Payal Upadhyay of Tivitri


Online backup services work much like traditional backup software. With a secure online backup service, however, your important data is transmitted over the Internet and securely stored on a server in a professional data center. The advantage of having your important data backed up off-site, away from your home or office, is that it’s safe from theft, fire, and other local disasters. An exceptional backup service should be easy to use, automatic, reliable, and easy to restore from and Granite Cloud is all of these.

Granite Cloud which is a Backup-as-a-Service Solution provides a real-time storage, real-time access to vital records, stored safely in Perpetual Storage’s maximum security vault facility. Data is encrypted and protected using Veeam Cloud Connect software on both ends. You are the only one to hold the keys.

Granite Cloud is

  • SIMPLE – it connects in just a few easy steps inside Veeam’s software console
  • SECURE –  End to end data encryption and stored safely in our cloud within the mountain
  • STRAIGHT FORWARD – No hidden fees and the amount of storage you need determines the price


Finally, unlike the other Backup providers, the data through Granite Cloud is stored in a facility with the world’s highest level of protection and preservation and the potential of having both cloud and physical data sets can be stored together.

What cloud-based storage option is best for you?

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