2015 is proving to be a very interesting year.

At PSI, we are continuing to upgrade systems and infrastructure throughout our operations, including new computers, inventory control and accounting systems, enhanced networking capabilities, electrical panels, cabling, UPS, power poles, etc. Our datavaulting service and increasing physical storage demand is driving this activity.

As important as the new systems are, PSI is continuing to put ourselves through more extensive training. As everyone already knows, preparation is THE best policy…and something we at PSI live and breathe every day.

PSI’s executives have been actively involved in a series of presentations regarding cyber security both in Utah and other states. Our stance is that PSI is an important part of a comprehensive solution suite when it comes to protecting vital records.

PSI regularly meets with and gains valuable and timely input from various U.S. and Utah government agencies like the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, Be Ready Utah, et al.

The PSI executive team is called upon to present and consult on various related topics, imparts valuable lessons learned, and is available to every one of our clients. We look forward to these interactions, as PSI gains as much benefit from them as do each of you.

Please call us, for there is no fee associated regarding these valuable and timely conversations.

Here’s to a safe and exciting summer.

Susan Lynch
President & CEO

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