What is the average cost for a data breach for a company in the United States? $5.85 million. What about the cost of defending a data breach lawsuit? $574,984. Also, the average cost for settling a data breach lawsuit is $258,099. How would your company hold up if your critical data was breached?

Perpetual Storage has been a key resource when companies are creating a strategy to protect their data from unauthorized access and preventing lawsuits. For 48 years we have been storing critical records in our maximum security vault embedded inside a solid granite mountain. Our onsite armed guards, 6-ton stainless steel vault door, and technologically advanced intrusion detection systems deter any unauthorized access attempt on our facility. So the big question is “How can Perpetual Storage help protect you from a lawsuit?”

In 2010 the case Johnson v. Neiman shed light on the importance of storing data offsite in the event of a lawsuit. The Plaintiffs were seeking access to email messages backed up on magnetic tape but because their data was on magnetic tape and stored offsite the court stated “’reasonably accessible’ is best defined as whether the electronically stored information is kept in an accessible or inaccessible format (a distinction that corresponds closely to the expense of production.” The Plaintiffs were never granted access to that information.

If your company is taking the necessary (and often required) steps of backing up your data to an external device then you are half way there. Perpetual Storage will ensure your critical data is safely and securely transported offsite and stored in a climate controlled environment where it is safe from natural disasters, disgruntled employees, and hackers.

Perpetual Storage not only stores your data offsite in a maximum security facility, we provide a scheduled courier service to stop at your location and transport the data to our vault. With this type of service your IT department is forced to produce regular backup records AND store them safely offsite. Using us as one of the key elements in your strategy will help protect you from a potential lawsuit in the future.

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