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PSI’s Patrick Lynch spoke at the PRISM International September event in Chicago. He discussed current trends and future predictions in data protection with a panel of esteemed peers. Take-aways included:

  • While the number of tapes being manufactured is decreasing, capacity per tape is increasing exponentially. Therefore, more data than ever is being stored on tape media.
  • New generation of senior managers and executives are more up to speed on technology. “They are understanding the inherent values of both processes & the data and how to mine those assets, are more aware of the costs involved, and are holding people accountable for decisions made”.
  • Clients want options. Each organization has unique needs and must determine their own combination of tape, disk and cloud solutions that is right for them. This is a primary reason why PSI now offers DataVaulting
  • The cost of storing and restoring archival data on tape is considerably less than on disk…4X to 24X less.
  • There is a trend for back-up data moving to low-speed disk. Some DR data is also moving in that direction.
  • Movie making is moving so quickly to the use of the latest generations of LTO tape that film is fast becoming a thing of the past.
  • Dedupe doesn’t work on all data types e.g. Super-HD video, medical imaging, & gene sequencing.


Note: PSI can be a resource to our Clients and Prospects. If we don’t have specific answers then we are able to call on various Consultants who will be able to assist on a variety of topics.

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