Storage of microform media has always been a large part of Perpetual Storage’s service offering. Since opening its doors in 1968, Perpetual Storage (PSI) has stored microfilm and microfiche inside of its temperature and humidity controlled maximum security vault.

As the oldest offsite microform storage facility in Utah and one of the safest facilities in the world, PSI stores microfilm and microfiche for local, regional and national organizations and government agencies. Many organizations understand the benefits of microform media for long-term retention.

Categories of Records Often Microformed

Microfilm and microfiche are often used by government agencies to retain vital and historical records. Generally, the types of records microformed fall into 1 of 3 categories:

  1. Records with long retention schedules
  2. Records that protect the rights of citizens
  3.  Records with historical value

Benefits of Using Microfilm or Microfiche

When deciding if microfilm or microfiche is the best solution, the following benefits should be considered, especially for government agencies:

  • Reduction of footprint by up to 98% when replacing paper records
  • A simple solution to backup
  • Greater efficiency in public record access by having the user copy stored locally
  • Can solve need for sharing records across departments and divisions
  • Can insure safety of records retained for 20+ years (typically, records with a retention schedule under 20 years are not on microform media)
  • Can help assure file integrity, accuracy and completeness
  • Can be used as a platform for digital access, allowing for effective migration to internet
  • Libraries have the ability to expand access collections without putting rare or fragile records at risk
  • With optimal storage conditions, the life expectancy is 500 years
  • Unlike digital media, analog media requires no software to view; The only equipment required is a magnifying glass
  • Has low intrinsic value and does not attract thieves

Microfilm and microfiche are a great media solution for vital government records with a retention schedule of more than 20 years.


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