Okay, so you have been using LTO5 or LTO6 tapes and you just heard that your LTO tape library could use an LTFS. After the initial research you are starting to agree. You mentioned it to your boss and he wants you to give a presentation on why your tapes need a Linear Tape File System and you don’t know where to start. Let’s see why your company needs to implement an LTFS in your department.

Time = Money

With LTFS you are able to drag and drop files from tape to your desktop and back again at incredibly high speeds compared to other tape library set-ups. Archive files are available directly to your existing applications and system utilities. This allows users to spend less time scrolling through tape to find the data they need and more time utilizing the data they have retrieved with the LTFS. Your IT department can now recover archived files faster than ever.


LTFS allows LTO5 and 6 tapes to be read by other LTO drives and systems with LTFS functionality. This allows for data sharing via tape. Now users in multiple departments can find the critical data they need while other departments search for their data. Additionally LTFS provides disc-like storage and disc-like retrieval of data on LTO tape without the hassle of loading multiple tapes manually into tape drives and attempting to locate the correct data. This works with existing applications and system tools and does not require additional software. In a disaster recovery situation this would be critical for the company to begin operating again.

Emergency Use

Having a Linear Tape File System makes recovering data fast, simple, and allows your department to focus on other important tasks. Once you open up the LTFS interface you can quickly see a list of saved files and restore them just by clicking a button. It scans the meta data on the LTO tapes to locate the file before retrieving the actual data in question.

Remember as you are giving your presentation there are many different types of LTO tapes. The LTFS only works with Generation 5 LTO tapes and greater. If you are looking to upgrade your existing tape system you should contact your local vendor.


For more information about LTFS, download LTFS Redefines Future White Paper.

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