As the volume of data has increased, there has been a shift in the way that companies use and access that data. That means it’s time to change the way you think about data protection, retention, and accessibility.

Organizations of all sizes recognize that data can help gain competitive advantages and even support new revenue streams, but this is placing a demand on IT to store and preserve access to that data. Companies need new solutions and technologies to support unpredictable, on-demand access and incorporate new approaches to backup and archiving.It’s time to reTHINK Backup & Archive.Click on the video above and check out how Quantum is creating the next generation of solutions to support the unpredictable, on demand access of today’s data.

Go beyond the marketing and read about what reTHINK can mean for you:

What “reTHINK Your Backup and Archive” Really Means — Pt.1

What “reTHINK Your Backup and Archive” Really Means — Pt.2


via Q & U Blog By Quantum.

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