We live in a digital world where we do our banking, search for recipes and freely communicate with family and friends online. Sometimes we fail to consider just how much information is available on the Web.

Earlier this month it was announced that possibly millions of email addresses and names were stolen from one of the country’s largest email delivery agencies, Dallas-based Epsilon (read the Associated Press article published on The Tennessean.

The email addresses stolen from Epsilon may very well result in “phishing” attacks to trick people with accounts at certain financial institutions into entering sensitive account information on fake banking websites.

The data that was stolen allows fraudsters to target people they know have accounts at specific banks, making their phishing more sophisticated and laser-focused.

At Perpetual Storage we are committed to long-term data storage that is safe and secure. Properly protecting valuable information, whether it is on- or off-line, is so critically important.

We have seen many examples of security breaches in cloud computing and electronic data of all kinds.

Storage of sensitive and irreplaceable data on computer tapes, CD’s and hard drives in the Perpetual Storage vault encased in a solid granite mountain, will properly protect companies from loss due to disgruntled employee sabotage, fires, earthquakes and hackers.

At Perpetual Storage, we are security in solid granite.

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